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Powered by more than 1350 experts, Intracto Group is a front-runner in the digital services industry, helping companies offer their customers a seamless, integrated experience across all channels. We believe in building the agency of the future, a company that can help clients from end to end by excelling in strategy, technology, creation, content and marketing. Therefore, Intracto Group is the preferred end-to-end partner of customers all over the world.

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An event at Intracto in Herentals
An event at Intracto in Herentals

Consolidated expertise

The digital services industry started with passionate people starting a business matching their own specific skill set, such as web development or marketing. Along the way, many different skills entered the industry ranging from social media to mobile apps. The result is that clients today have to deal with a number of different partners to complete their digital proposition, across all relevant channels. 

We believe that consolidation is the next necessary step for the digital industry. We need to bundle expertise, driven by the needs of our clients and their clients.

Simplifying companies’ needs and processes

We believe that companies having to deal with a wide range of suppliers isn’t viable in the long term and we feel the industry is changing. Clients are tired of having to divide their attention across multiple partners, who all fight for their share of wallet and whose vision doesn’t necessarily match that of the other agencies involved.

On top of that, the end user demands a seamless experience across all channels and has no tolerance for errors. In an industry where expertise is largely scattered across different, monolithic agencies, this goal is very hard to reach. Intracto Group understands this challenge and has grown its organisation to provide the necessary answer: one team, one culture, one integrated company.

Coworkers at Intracto
Coworkers at Intracto
We are passionate about talented people.

An inspiring environment for talent

While technology enables us to become more effective and create new possibilities, it is the people who make it happen. That’s why we are passionate about talented people. Bringing together the talent of today and tomorrow:

  • We have built a multi-skilled team to provide end-to-end services.
  • 900 experts work together in a constantly growing environment.
  • We focus on individual talent development.
  • We believe in building campuses to create proximity.
  • Co-creation, knowledge sharing and challenging talent is key.