Intracto Group acquires Ghent based agency Marlon


Intracto Group welcomes Marlon’s 30+ digital experts. The Ghent-based agency is renowned in the field of design and development of apps, web shops and websites.

With the arrival of Marlon, Intracto Group emphasises that it keeps focussing on building an integrated full-service agency. The group wants to be an in-depth partner for its clients, enabling them to excel in the fields of strategy, creation, content, marketing and technology.

Ghent-based Marlon expertise lies in the analysis, design and development of websites, web applications and platforms, web shops and apps.
Intracto Group acquires Marlon

Joining forces to become the strongest full-service player in the Benelux

Over the past 17 years, Marlon has been growing continuously. The company evolved from being a development specialist to a strategic digital partner in the areas of business processes, design and technology. Marlon’s clients include Toyota, Daikin, Sibelga, Bostoen and Dockx Rental.

Vincent Mouton, co-founder Marlon: “Our mutual appreciation started within Feweb (the professional organisation of digital service providers), where we kept tabs on each other’s evolution. In recent years, however, we noticed the increasing complexity of customer questions and even the demand to be an end-to-end partner. This is simply the next logical evolution in the market. Companies increasingly want to centralise their efforts and data in order to maximise results.

That is why we see this acquisition as a win-win-win. Our customers get a maximum range of skills, Intracto Group gains a very strong team and last but not least, Marlon’s team members get to work on even more exciting projects where their impact can be even greater.”

In recent years, we noticed the increasing demand to be an end-to-end partner for our clients. This is simply the next logical evolution in the market.

Vincent Mouton, co-founder Marlon

Intracto Group is best possible choice

Frederik Claerhout, co-founder Marlon: “For both Vincent and me, joining Intracto Group feels like the right choice. For us, but even more so for our team. It’s not only interesting for our customers, but definitely for our team members as well. They will be able to put their expertise to work even more within Intracto Group. In addition, there was a great fit with the Intracto Group team from the start, both in terms of company culture and on a personal level.

Strong growth in Ghent area

Pieter Janssens, CEO Intracto Group: “This acquisition is of great importance to us. Marlon has a strong and unique team that forms a perfect addition to the expertise we already had in Ghent. Whatever the client’s question, we now have all the necessary skills available in Ghent as well, to help companies grow and maximise their results. Vincent and Frederik will put their talents to work for Intracto Group and will continue to be of great importance within our group at the technological level.”