A full-service powerhouse

Intracto Group is an end-to-end partner with full scope capabilities. A powerhouse with a combination of Skills – Knowledge – Talent. We help clients end-to-end by excelling in strategy, technology, creation, content and marketing. Moreover, we want to be a pioneer in operational excellence.

A scrum team at Intracto
A scrum team at Intracto

5 cornerstones on which we build our skills

As a true full-service group, we are committed to creating value for every aspect of every project. To ensure this commitment, we constantly monitor our strength in these 5 cornerstones:


Define your ambitions and the gaps in your approach. Unbiased, future-proof advice and actionable results.

Digital strategy, business intelligence, customer journey design


We create unique brands with all must-have assets that fit your needs and our ever-changing society.

Branding, employer branding, campaigns


We feed your audience the perfect content all the way through its journeys.

Copywriting, social media, conversational content


A broad tech stack provides freedom in development, testing, support and maintenance.

Web development, ecommerce, ebusiness


Reach your audience and convert your leads into loyal ambassadors through intelligent automation.

Data & intelligence, marketing automation, performance marketing

Talent at the centre

These cornerstones are strongly embedded in the foundation of our group: the experts that put their skills to work for our clients every day.

In-depth skills across all pillars

We believe in building the agency of the future, a company that can help clients end-to-end by excelling in strategy, technology, creation, content and marketing. We believe that in-depth skills in every pillar are paramount and that a strong integration between these pillars is essential. Having one expert in Google Analytics does not suffice to claim you are a data expert.

Developers, copywriters, designers, marketeers and other experts should work closely together in order to learn from each other and deliver more quality, shaping the agency of the future. The end state of such an agency? One team, one culture, one integrated company. Operating in a niche will no longer cut it, we believe the answer to tomorrow’s questions lies in scaling up.

Peter Hinssen hosting an event at Intracto
Peter Hinssen hosting an event at Intracto
Sharing knowledge is an important part of our way of working.

Shaping talent is key

We believe that acquiring and nurturing talent is key in shaping the agency of the future. We want to give talent a running start by embracing them in a large, multi-faceted yet personal organisation where their personal development is considered a cornerstone of our mutual success.

Build your own career

While the stakes and the pressure are high, we pride ourselves on our open campuses where our experts feel at home. Thanks to our scale and wide range of experiences, every career path has many possible branches. Everyone can tailor their growth to their interests. 

Educate and inspire

Sharing knowledge is another of those cornerstones. Every member of the Intracto Group can freely spend a generous training budget and many of our experts are educators themselves. Aside from helping shape today’s talent, we try to inspire tomorrow’s talent by organising events, hosting guest lectures and involving both our clients and schools in our evolutionary process. 

Making personal life easier

Furthermore, we aim to unburden our colleagues where we can. A chef preparing their lunch, hairdressers at work and an ironing service are some examples of how we try to make sure our talent does not have to waste their free time doing chores.